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Swedish musician

Andreas Tilliander

Berndt Andreas Tilliander (born 1977) is a Swedish electronica, drone and techno producer who significantly contributed to the evolution of the 'clicks & cuts' genre with his first albums Cliphop (Raster.Noton) and Ljud (Mille Plateaux). He has recorded music under many names (Lowfour, Mokira, Rechord, TM404 and more) and worked with some of Europe's influential electronic music labels. He has been awarded a Swedish Grammy music award in 2005, after two consecutive nominations. He also works with Familjen as a live musician. The song "Arlanda" (from Show (2009), featuring vocals from Jocke Berg of the band Kent. A native of Hässleholm, Tilliander now resides in Stockholm, where he runs Repeatle Studios and apart from creating his own music, works as a mastering engineer for several record labels. He also works for the radio show Elektroniskt (previously, Ström), broadcast on Sveriges Radio P2.

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