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Celestion Introduces Digitally Downloadable Eddie Van Halen Signature Speaker Tones
Celestion continues to expand its available library of impulse responses, now introducing the new G12 EVH Impulse Response. As the latest addition to their acclaimed line of IRs, the definitive digital representations of the companys classic guitar speaker tones, the G12 EVH was created for, and bears the initials of, one of the most influential rock guitarists of the last forty years Eddie Van Halen.
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Impulse response

In signal processing, the impulse response, or impulse response function (IRF), of a dynamic system is its output when presented with a brief input signal, called an impulse. More generally, an impulse response is the reaction of any dynamic system in response to some external change. In both cases, the impulse response describes the reaction of the system as a function of time (or possibly as a function of some other independent variable that parameterizes the dynamic behavior of the system). In all these cases, the dynamic system and its impulse response may be actual physical objects, or may be mathematical systems of equations describing such objects. Since the impulse function contains all frequencies, the impulse response defines the response of a linear time-invariant system for all frequencies.

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