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Accelerator (Software) Summary

Accelerator (software)

The Accelerator is a collection of development solutions for IBM i and Windows platforms using .NET Framework, and/or LANSA, technologies provided by Surround Technologies. The Accelerator development architecture is a tool for building Windows and Web apps within a structured framework.The intent of the Accelerator solutions is to provide a rapid application development (RAD) environment, that produces well-designed n-tier code that can run in a client/server, web or mobile deployment. The use of Microsoft’s .NET Framework, is recommended by Surround for zero-lock in development and optimal deployment flexibility including both Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and responsive web (and mobile) design (ASP.NET MVC / Bootstrap) clients.The Accelerator uses customizable templates, standards and naming conventions to generate code. The generated code is human readable, and standardized to minimize testing, debugging, customization, and future maintenance efforts. The generated code follows object-oriented programming design principles, the inversion of control (IoC) pattern, observer pattern, model–view–viewmodel (MVVM, with OO techniques to avoid redundancy, promote ease of testing and maintenance). Supports ASP.NET MVC3 Framework. Other patterns followed by the architecture, or are adapted depending on the case; flexibility promoted by the typical use of abstraction patterns when practical. Abstraction is promoted though the use of Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation.

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