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1000 Years Of Popular Music Summary

Live album by Richard Thompson

1000 Years of Popular Music

1000 Years of Popular Music is a 2003 live album by Richard Thompson. The album was originally conceived after Richard Thompson, along with many other artists, was asked by Playboy magazine to nominate his choice of the best songs of the last 1000 years. He took them exactly at their word and served up a list that included the oldest-known English-language songs, a medieval Italian dance tune and various other folk songs alongside slightly more contemporary fare. The list was never published by Playboy; it was subsequently released into CD format. The songs comprising the track list cover a roughly thousand-year period, 1068–2001, starting with "Sumer Is Icumen In". The most recent song included on the album is Britney Spears' hit "Oops!... I Did It Again". The songs, arranged for play on a single guitar, are played by Thompson, vocalist Judith Owen, and percussionist Michael Jerome, when needed. A DVD with the same name was released in 2006. This was recorded sometime later during a different tour, has a slightly different track listing and features Debra Dobkin replacing Michael Jerome on percussion and vocals.

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