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  • Search or type in a topic in the url in your browser like lag illusion
  • Attach any relevant article links pdf, images and videos to topics (login not required).
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  • Save your research materials and sources or things you like online and want to refer to later.
  • Your research is private and only things you make public are shared with anyone researching the same topics.
  • Researching topics on Wikipedia gives only a summary of the topic rather than in-depth varied research.
  • Researching topics on Google gives a whole mess of commercial results rather than curated knowledge.
  • Contribute knowledge to the research engine.
  • This site will be more useful with more knowledge so spread the word.
  • If you belong to a university or research institute then tell everyone in your institute.
  • Improve this service with feedback & suggestions.

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Flash Lag Illusion

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Flash Lag Illusion
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